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Our fundraising guide

Our fundraising guide

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said:

The believer's shade on the Day of Resurrection will be his charity." - Tirmidhi, Hadith 604

Fundraising means more than collecting money...

….fundraising for Salam Charity is a means to extend our work and relieve hardship for thousands of people who live in poverty every day. Through dedicated and sincere fundraising, you can make a lasting impact on the lives of many thousands of people, her in the UK and across the World.

Think of it this way – they make dua to Allah to provide them with food, with relief. Allah is answering their duas with your donations. We are the vessel for His Mercy. What greater honour can we ask for? Amazing, subhan’Allah.

Amina Mufti

Volunteer Fundraiser

Who We Are

Salam Charity currently work in many countries around the world with a particular focus in Bangladesh, Syria, Yemen, Ghana, Pakistan, Palestine, Somalia and more recently, in the UK , Alhamdulillah. Our areas of work consist of emergency relief, sustainability, healthcare, education, food, water and shelter , supporting some of the most vulnerable women, men and children

We hope this guide inspires you to join and support our mission and vision to save and change lives for the better.

Some early bird hints and tips

Knowledge = Power

Equip yourself with vital information about how funds raised are going to be distributed. Familiarise yourself with the work of Salam Charity and more specifically the cause you’re supporting.

Close to Home

Make a list of everyone you know and how they can best help – some may have skills, energy and resources, others may have networks, experience and knowledge.

Online Fundraising Page

Start an online donation page making it super easy for friends and family to make donations.


Speak to your employer to find out if they are part of a scheme in which they match the funds you raise.

Make It Personal

Address people by name in communication. Supporters tend to pay more attention to a message when they’re addressed personally.

Gift Aid It

Gift aid is when the Government gives an additional 25% on top of any donation made, so long as the donor is a tax payer. You just have to ensure the donor ticks the gift aid box.

Time It Right

WhatsApp seems to trump all other social platforms. A good time to send a broadcast is between 7pm to 10pm.

Note It Down

Keep a note of the names of all the people who have said they will donate. Honestly, their intention is there, it’s just people get busy and need a gentle reminder. They'll thank you for it.

Video It

Make a 30 second clip to go with your link! Supporters are more likely to respond. Share this across all the platforms you use, from Insta and TikTok to Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter Don’t forget to tag us!


Let us know what you’re thinking so that we can offer as much help as possible. You may require resources such as t-shirts and buckets or some advice and moral support. We’re here.

Most Importantly

Be passionate about the work you are doing and your fundraising passion will encourage people to help you.

Fundraising Ideas:

Overseas Deployment: Register to volunteer abroad with us, raise funds, hand deliver aid, sit with the beneficiaries, break bread together, hear their stories, share their pain and instil hope.

Mosque Crawl: Create a route to tour all mosques either in your area or your city. Gather your mates, think of a theme, grab some collection buckets, charity t-shirts and enjoy talking to local worshippers about what you’re doing and why! You’ll be surprised by the barakah of raising this way.

Donate A Day: If your gift of the gab means you are the type of person who knows everyone from the local meat shop to the local chai place, why not speak to your local businesses and ask them to Donate a Day! Whether they donate a portion of a day’s takings, or just proceeds from the sale of particular items - it all mounts up. Then simply share a link with them to send their donations to and - voila!

Your Very Own Bake-Off: If you fancy yourself as a bit of a Nadiya in the kitchen, why not arrange a cake sale to showcase your talents AND raise money for causes close to your heart? Sell or even auction your cakes - and bake away for a bite of goodness.

Digital Auction: Sell any unwanted items! Be creative and engage bidders using eBay, Facebook or Insta! Speak to friends and businesses to donate items or services you can sell.

Sell A Skill: Arrange anything from a cooking lesson to fitness classes, a baking workshop to a tuition evening. If you’re an artist, perhaps a henna or calligraphy session? Tap into your creative-streak, turn it into a course and charge people for attending at a discounted rate.

Car Wash: Everyone loves a clean car and it’s so much better when the money is going to charity. You can speak to your local carwash or gain consent from a place with lots of cars - large supermarkets are a good option (brothers-only)

Challenge Yourself: Take part in any of our national or international challenges! Think bike rides, skydives, marathons and mountain treks!

Movie Night: Whether you hold this in a conference room or in your own home, it’s sure to be a success! Get people to pay what they normally would at the cinema.

Sports Tournaments: Charge a small registration fee of £35-£50 for teams to compete in an organised sporting event. You could request a small donation from spectators too! And, why not have a snacks stall to maximise funds?

Do You Dare? Make this something that would make those who know you, REALLY DARE YOU. If you love your hair be dared to chop it off! It’s simple- dish out dares for dosh and organise a day to follow through.

30 Chapters/30 Hours: Aim to complete the Qur’an in 30 hours or less as a sponsored challenge.

Race To The Finish: Organise a walk, jog or run for charity! Raise money for the cause and see who reaches the finish line first. Add a theme, add flags and add some fun.

Events: Organise events from family fundays, dinners, talks, comedy or poetry nights. Get in touch with the team at Salam to further discuss your idea.

Handling donations:

It’s always important to keep donations safe and secure, both when collecting them and sending them. Donating the money raised to Salam Charity is easy and can be done through various methods.

Website: salamcharity.org.uk

Fundraising Page: With each appeal there is usually an option to create a fundraising page for yourself. Let us know if you wish to fundraise and we can help you set this up. Quick and easy way to not only track donations, but receive them also.

Bank Transfer: You may transfer money directly into our donations account.

Account name:
Salam Charity
Account number:
Sort code:
[name of your project] + [your name]

Direct Debit / Standing Order: One of the most convenient and effective ways to support a cause – little but regular donations. You can complete a form on our webiste or set this up with your bank.

Cheque: Make the cheque payable to ‘Salam Charity’ And address this to: Salam Charity, 483 Green Lanes, London, N13 4BS

Please write the name of the project or event on the back of the cheque, as a reference.

Contact Us:

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