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Our Influencers
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Abderrahman Toukan

Abderrahman is a Moroccan singer-songwriter, living in Europe, known for his Arabic songs.

Adil Musa

Adil is a food blogger and reviewer, from London, finding the tastiest spots in London and beyond! With over 55k followers, Adil knows what he’s talking about when it comes to all things cafes and restaurants!

Ahmad Rubani

Ahmad is a Pakistani Birmingham-born singer songwriter, famous for his faith-based music. He was drawn to singing, at the age of 6, by the late Ustadh Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. This early connection provided a deeper connection to music for him. Ustadh Ghulam Ali also played a big role in his love of ghazals (rhyming poetry), making Ahmad reflect on the meaning and depth of the words.

Almaas Shah

Almaas is a London-based fitness influencer and online coach, supporting people in becoming healthier. When he’s not on Instagram, focussing on fitness, he is at his day job working as a medical engineer. Instagram celeb by night, medical engineer by day!

Anj Baig

Anj is a fitness and influencer, and entrepreneur. He is known for his appearance in Desi Rascals. He currently owns Pure Muscle Gym and co-owns Cheat Meals. With his fun-loving personality, he is also a committed husband and father to his two young boys.

Ashwaaq Fidar

Ashwaaq is a Somali lifestyle influencer. Adding a touch of class to your feed, Ashwaaq loves modest fashion, food and drink, travelling and spending time with her friends. Her incredible smile is sure to brighten up your day!


Anisa is a food blogger and influencer.

“It's Anisa B. Some of you may know me better as @petals_kitchen! I'll start by telling you guys a little about me… I'm a full time working mother of 4 to some very fussy eaters! A vegetarian, a meat lover and a boy who requires a strict gluten free diet!

I have always enjoyed cooking and the 'me time' that came with it. I started an instagram account with my baking pictures back in 2016 but then started posting a few recipes and people were really enjoying recreating the same meal and asked for more recipes and so from then on @petals_kitchen began!

A lot of my followers find my page helpful as I post step by step pictures and most of my followers are new to cooking. My mother & mother in law are my biggest inspirations as I learnt to cook from the best I am absolutely honoured to be a representative of Salam Charity & working alongside Waffle Up.”


Ali is a Libyan faith-based singer songwriter. After having his talents shown to the Arab world through multiple talent shows, he was signed and now produces music for the world.


Ahmed is a Pakistani Leeds-based actor, radio presenter and content creator. With his love of all things Asian, you will find him on TikTok showing off his talents!

Rameeza Q.
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