Food Aid
Food Aid

Food Aid

Surviving with little to no food is the reality for over 1.9 billion people globally.

Salam Charity is working to feed those less fortunate with nutritious food.

We provided food parcels, within Bangladesh, Lebanon, Yemen and Pakistan, allowing people to receive life-saving food. In Bangladesh and Pakistan, we’ve responded to emergencies and provided necessary aid throughout the year.

With your donations, we can continue to save lives and keep thousands of people healthy and safe.

What we have provided so far


Within Sylhet, we have been on the ground through Salam Village, providing Qurbani, Ramadan parcels and regular food distribution, throughout the year.

During February 2020, our UK team were in Sylhet and hand-delivered food parcels and meals to thousands of nearby residents.

Within Cox’s Bazaar, we have had food parcel distributions, with our UK team hand-delivering food during their visit.


Every year, we have been providing Ramadan food parcels and Qurbani to hundreds of people in Dera Ghazi Khan, allowing so many people to live healthier lives.


We’ve been able to support by providing food parcels during multiple crisis periods and at points in the year. We continue to support Yemen, giving thousands of people a lifeline.


We’ve provided emergency aid and on-going aid to the Syrian refugees within Lebanon, whilst responding to the Beirut explosion with emergency food and water, providing life-saving food at a critical time.

How you can help

By setting up a small monthly donation of £3, £5 or £7 a month, you will help us to both respond with the necessary emergency food and water that is needed, and enable us to provide more people with ongoing support, to keep them safe and healthy.

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