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In Pakistan 20% of people still live below the poverty line, struggling to scrape a living for themselves and their families.

What does it mean to live below the poverty line? Being unable to afford food means that adults and children go to bed hungry. 4% of people in Pakistan live on less than $1.90 per day, and that has to cover bills as well as food and medical treatments. Due to this extreme poverty, children may have to work to help support their families – missing out on an education. As a result, half of the population is illiterate, with poor prospects.

Medical treatment is unaffordable, and 17 million people don’t have access to safe water. They have to drink unclean water, which puts them at higher risk of disease like cholera, which is widespread.

Pakistan’s geographical location makes it more prone to natural disasters, and flash floods and major earthworks frequently damage homes and shelters. With 207 million people, Pakistan is the 6th most densely populated country in the world.

Pakistan still has a long road ahead to end poverty once and for all, so it’s important that we tackle the underlying issues caused by severe poverty. Our work is focused on projects with long-term benefits, helping to lift people out of poverty and strive for a better future.



Salam Charity works with our partners on the ground, aiming to lift people out of hardship with our Community Development and Education campaigns.

We work in some of the country’s most vulnerable communities and we provide life-saving food packs, safe water supplies, shelter rehabilitation, and education and training programmes.


Sustainable Education

Our projects are designed to make education accessible and attainable for everybody. Empowering and educating the next generation will give them the skills to build themselves a better tomorrow.


Building schools

Salam Charity works with the Shahid Afridi Foundation to establish schools and support existing schools with their infrastructure and operational needs.


Educating women

We’ve developed our own six-month training courses to give women the knowledge and tools to make a living, leading their families out of poverty.


Education will build a better future: Donate now.

  • Clean Water :
    We’re building wells to provide clean and safe water to communities around the country. A single well transforms the lives of thousands and should last for at least 20 years. A safe water source prevents the spread of diseases like cholera.

Help us to supply life-saving clean water. Donate today.

  • Food Packs :
    For many families, a food parcel is the only food they’ll see all month. Help by buying a food pack (£60) to feed a family of five for a month – we also deliver occasional parcels with hot meals containing luxury items like meat and sweets.

Feed a family of five for a month with a food pack = £60. Donate any amount now.


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