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#halfthestory is never a good place for it to end.

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Would you abandon these children at a time of crisis? This Ramadan, just £100 could change their next chapter.

Here is half of Aisha’s story.

Aisha is a child like any other. She loves to play and run; she’s good with numbers and likes to know unusual facts! One day, her life was turned upside down. She didn’t know why, but she had to leave her home and travel hundreds of miles to a noisy, muddy camp. The end.

Would you close the book on Aisha, or would you help us to support her and her family as they rebuild their lives? The money that you give today will dramatically change the narrative for families and children who are in severe need. We don’t want to just show you statistics and heart-wrenching videos: we want to follow their stories and show you how your donations are making a real difference.

So… every year, we will keep taking volunteers to the countries where they need us. We will keep travelling to emergency sites to feed and shelter victims. And we will keep hand-delivering food and water to the poorest people in the world. Join us on our journey – we’re here for the whole story.

The Prophet (pbuh) said:

Whoever gives iftar to one who is fasting will have a reward like his, without that detracting from the reward of the fasting person in the slightest.


What happened in Turkey and Syria?

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You probably saw it in the press…

On 16th February 2023, a terrifying earthquake wracked Syria and Turkey, causing devastating destruction and killing more than 57,000 people.

What happened next?

Within 48 hours, we were on the ground to feed, shelter and help those who lost everything to the earthquake. Our team served a rescue worker who hadn’t eaten in days, and an elderly gentleman who was sheltering beneath a park slide. We delivered heaters to help people stay warm, and food packs to help them to survive displacement.

Your amazing donations achieved all this


Hot meals


Food Packs


Heaters & Stoves


Hygiene Kits

Our work at Salam Charity

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We do things differently…

At Salam Charity, we don’t just tell you half the story; we take you deep into the heart of the plot and show you exactly how your support has made a difference.

It is only through transparency and openness that will allow you to put your faith in us to deliver aid where it is needed the most, that’s why we have taken hundreds of people to the source of the hardship to hand deliver aid to some of the most vulnerable countries in the world.

Volunteers are able to see exactly how their hard-earned donations are being spent and offer a lifeline to those living below the international poverty line.

Your amazing donations achieved all this


Litres of safe drinking water


Hot Meals


Food Packs


Kgs of Meat


Loaves Of Bread


People Had Medical Care


Litres of Winter Fuel




Items of winter clothing

The Prophet (pbuh) said:

Take up good deeds only as much as you are able, for the best deeds are those done regularly even if they are few.

Ibn Majah

Make a difference this Ramadan……

Community Iftars

Help us to serve community iftars to 100 people in four different countries: Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Uganda. It’s a nutritious meal, served collectively to increase community bonds and enjoyment.

If you sponsor an entire iftar (£250 - £300), we will send you a video of our team mentioning your name and a dua at the iftar.

Family Sponsorship

If you’ve ever struggled to pay your bills from one month to the next, you’ll know that sponsoring a family is a real lifeline. Each family receives £160 per month (£1,920 per year) to relieve the stress and support their basic needs.

We sponsor Lebanese, Palestinian and Syrian families in Lebanon and Pakistan.

Food Packs

Food packs are filled with basics like rice, sugar, lentils and oil and they provide a month of security to a family of 5. We deliver these in countries including Lebanon, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Tanzania, Sierra Leonne, and Afghanistan. Donate a month’s supply to a family in need for just £60.

A pack contains 150kg bag of rice, 12 cups of sugar, 10 cups of salt, a box of seasoning, a large can of powdered milk, a large can of cocoa, a large jar of mayonnaise and 2.5 gallons of cooking oil.

Widow Sponsorship

Our widow sponsorship project is a newly-established program in Pakistan. Widows – who are extremely vulnerable and often struggling to care for dependants – receive one food pack every month for a year.

If you give £30 per month (£360 per year), you can provide a widow with food security.

Orphan Sponsorship

Our teams always enjoy spending time with orphans on our trips because they’re always so happy to see us! These children deserve security and compassion – so we want to provide cash assistance to as many as possible.

Donate £55 per month (£660 per year) and the guardians can support the needs of one orphan in Lebanon or Pakistan. This programme is offered to Lebanese, Syrian refugee and Palestinian orphans.

Eid Gifts

Help our cheerful orphans to celebrate Eid: just £15 provides a child with a new set of clothes, a new pair of shoes and a toy for Eid. We distribute gifts to children in Lebanon, Pakistan, and Uganda.

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