Clean Water
Clean Water

Clean Water

1 in 10 people globally have no access to a clean water source, which equals to 748 million people.

That’s why Salam Charity is working with our partners to provide clean water wells for thousands of people around the world.

We have built wells in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Indonesia, and provided bottled water in Palestine, Yemen and Syria. We’ve been able to respond to the crisis situations in Lebanon, Yemen and Palestine with clean, fresh bottled water, ensuring those affected don’t become thirsty.

Your incredible support, so far, has meant that thousands of people now have access to clean water forever, ensuring they don’t consume contaminated water.

With your continued support, we can help thousands more in having something that we often take for granted.

What we have provided so far


We have been able to build wells in Azad, Kashmir, providing hundreds of people with access to clean drinking water, without the need to travel hundreds of miles.


We’ve been able to provide deep tube wells and hand pump wells across Sylhet and Cox’s Bazaar, in partnership with Turkish Red Crescent and Bangladesh Red Crescent Society, allowing Rohingya refugees to have access to continuous clean water.


We’ve been able to provide wells within remote areas of Indonesia, making it easier for hundreds of people to get the water that they need. We also provided emergency water, as part of our emergency response, during the 2018 tsunami that happened in Palu, allowing people to remain well during a devastating time.


During crisis periods, we have been there on the ground, supporting Palestinians with the necessary water that they have no access to. With little to no water in Palestine, your support meant that we could keep hundreds of people alive and well.


To alleviate the effects of famine on some of the millions of Yemenis, we distributed water bottles, providing them with a month’s supply of water each time. We are working to provide resources to those affected on a long-term basis, with continued support.


Providing emergency resources has been a big part of the work that we have done in Syria, due to the unstable situation currently present. We provided water bottles to respond to crisis situations and provide Syrians with the resources they need.

How you can help

By setting up a small monthly donation of £3, £5 or £7 a month, you can provide life-saving water to those affected by disasters and provide a long-term solution for people with no clean water nearby.

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