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The last 10 days are regarded as the most important for worship and reflection. The Prophet traditionally spent these days...
7 April 2023
At Salam, we have lots of projects which are ideal for supporting during the blessed month of Ramadan. Our work...
14 March 2023
Team Salam completed the Marrakech Half Marathon in January. Thanks to our brilliant participants
07 March 2023
Supporting the people of Turkey 12.02.23. Since the devastating earthquake on the 6th of February, teams have been working to...
22 February 2023
OPENING OUR BRAND NEW SHIFA CLINIC IN LEBANON Babies, children, parents and elderly people: everyone of every creed is welcomed...
7 February 2023
You may have seen him as the warrior Abdur Rehman in the powerful Turkish drama, Ertugrul – but last week...
29 December 2022
Rameeza Q.
to Where most needed
Oklahoma City, United States