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Babies, children, parents and elderly people: everyone of every creed is welcomed to our fantastic, well-equipped Shifa clinic. It will provide much-needed care – including paediatrics, maternity, cardiovascular and endocrinology – to thousands of people in a severely deprived part of Lebanon.

The Grand Opening

The Shifa clinic has a team of doctors in ten specialties: Paediatrics, Public health, Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Cardiovascular, Urology, Ophthalmology, Orthopaedics, Gynaecology and Radiology. They’re supported by a great team of nurses plus a pharmacist, X-ray technician, dental technician, general manager, and even a driver (to transport patients back and forth).

We’ve cut the ribbon on our shiny new clinic at a celebratory Grand Opening (with plenty of cake and drinks for our guests), and it already has a crowd in the waiting room. Head over to our Instagram page and see what happened when Waseem tested out ALL the new equipment!

Equal-access healthcare in Al-Arqoub

Why did we choose this location for our second Shifa Clinic? In this region of Lebanon, the economic crisis hit hard – and conflict had already affected the community. The local currency collapsed and now basics are very expensive. People are living in severe poverty and can’t afford or reach health services. Shebaa is near the eastern border of the country, neighbouring Syria, so there’s a significant population of Syrian refugees here too.

Our Shifa clinic is completely non-discriminatory and will Lebanan accept patients of every age, race, and creed. They are able to get emergency or ongoing treatment and we will do our utmost to provide for those who need specialist surgery, too.

Sponsored in honour of Ahmad Torfi

Ahmad Torfi sadly passed away, and his sister Fora raised funds in his name to sponsor the clinic and provide essential health care. In a video she made for our Instagram page, Fora spoke from the Grand Opening. She said: “Ahmad is proper happy up there because you guys made this happen!”

Can you spare £11 today?

On average, each appointment costs around £5.50, including medicine – which is dispensed free from the on-site pharmacy. Can you spare a donation to pay for two appointments today? We know a few people who would appreciate your care.

Times are tough for everyone, and we are extra-grateful for your support during this year. Please give whatever you can to support our life-giving new clinic!

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