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Snowdon: The Climb For Gaza

Event type
Sponsored Snowdon trek
Saturday, 27 June 2020
Starts 6am
Registration fee
£35.00 (including refreshments & celebratory dinner)
Fundraising target
Registration deadline
Friday, 26 June 2020
Age suitability
12+ (Under 16s to be accompanied by a guardian)

The trek

Snowdon is situated in the glorious mountain range of Snowdonia, where on a clear day you will be treated to some absolutely spectacular views.

Whether you’re looking for an adventure, meet like minded people or wish to make the world a better place by raising funds for some of the most deprived people on the planet; take on this superb challenge in the heart of Wales, climbing from the foot of Snowdon to its summit in one day.

Climbers will be given expert mountaineering guidance from team leaders, helping each participant to conquer the 1085m tall mountain. The total trek will take approximately 5 hours up and down the rocky terrain. The route is liable to change in line with weather conditions to ensure the safest route is taken.

What to bring

Having the correct personal equipment will make your trek more enjoyable and comfortable.

We hope that you find the following suggestions useful when considering what to take on your trip. They are based on personal experiences and we are confident that you may find other solutions working equally well.

We recommend that you travel as light as possible). Below is a non-exclusive list of what you should bring to the trek.

  • Good hiking boots (not shoes), which can fit crampons (obligatory if you are doing the trip between December and March
  • Hiking socks
  • Thermal socks
  • Several t-shirts (cotton or preferably breathable/fast drying)
  • Packable waterproof and windproof jacket with hood
  • Synthetic mid layer or warm fleece
  • Sunglasses, sunscreen and lip salve
  • Hat/Baseball cap and winter (woollen) beenie if going in December-March
  • Personal First Aid kit (wet wipes, flu remedies, stomach remedies)
  • Water bottle
  • Rucksack


95% of Gaza’s water is contaminated with sea water, sewage and chemicals.

Natural water and resources have been greatly damaged after continuous years of conflict in Gaza, and as a result, 95% of the water in Gaza is unfit for human use. People are forced to drink dirty, contaminated water which can lead to life threatening illnesses.

A 2014 report produced by the EU and UNICEF stated "More than four out of five Palestinians in Gaza buy their drinking water from unregulated, private vendors, a heavy burden on impoverished families."

Innocent Palestinians are being robbed of their basic human rights of clean water. But you can make a real difference by supporting the Gaza water Project.

A full water tanker will provide 2000 litres of life saving water. Each family will receive 20 litres - that’s enough to last 100 families almost 2 weeks.

You can provide safe water to the people who need it the most by helping the Gaza Water Project. Donate now and we can make a real difference.

Amount of water
Full water tanker: 2000 litres of water for 100 families (20 litres each)
Half water tanker: 1000 litres of water for 50 families (20 litres each)
Quarter Water Tanker: 500 Litres of water for 25 families (20 litres each)
250 Litre of water for 12 families (20 litres each)
100 Litres of water for 5 families (20 litres each)
50 Litres of water for 5 families (10 litres each)
20 Litres of Water for 5 Families (4 litres each)

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