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Palestine Marathon

Event type
Sponsored marathon with heritage site visits & aid distribution
Thursday, 26 March 2020
Registration fee
£700.00 (including all transport, accommodation, food, city tours and race entry)
Fundraising target
Registration deadline
Saturday, 07 March 2020
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The Challenge

Once a year in the spring, Palestinians from near and far, and people from all over the world gather in Bethlehem to participate in one of the highlights of the city’s social and cultural calendar.

They don running shoes, put on sunscreen and a hat, and flock to the alleys and streets of the ancient town south of Jerusalem, either to engage in physical exercise or to cheer on their friends and relations, some of whom will have trained for months in the hope of winning a prize or an honourable mention.

The Palestine Marathon provides a platform for cultural exchange and exploration. It attracts thousands of Palestinian and international participants and brings attention to one of the basic human rights that is under threat in the State of Palestine: the freedom of movement.

The cause

95% of Gaza’s water is contaminated with sea water, sewage and chemicals.

Natural water and resources have been greatly damaged after continuous years of conflict in Gaza, and as a result, 95% of the water in Gaza is unfit for human use. People are forced to drink dirty, contaminated water which can lead to life threatening illnesses.

A 2014 report produced by the EU and UNICEF stated "More than four out of five Palestinians in Gaza buy their drinking water from unregulated, private vendors, a heavy burden on impoverished families."

Innocent Palestinians are being robbed of their basic human rights of clean water. But you can make a real difference by supporting the Gaza water Project.

A full water tanker will provide 2000 litres of life saving water. Each family will receive 20 litres - that’s enough to last 100 families almost 2 weeks.

You can provide safe water to the people who need it the most by helping the Gaza Water Project. Donate now and we can make a real difference.

Amount of water
Full water tanker: 2000 litres of water for 100 families (20 litres each)
Half water tanker: 1000 litres of water for 50 families (20 litres each)
Quarter Water Tanker: 500 Litres of water for 25 families (20 litres each)
250 Litre of water for 12 families (20 litres each)
100 Litres of water for 5 families (20 litres each)
50 Litres of water for 5 families (10 litres each)
20 Litres of Water for 5 Families (4 litres each)

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In Good Hands

London (West)

Saturday 6th April 2019
12.00 6.00pm

Berrymede Junior School
232 Osbourne Rd
London W3 8SN

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