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26 May 2019 | 5pm – 7pm

Instagram Live Appeal

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Live appeal on instagram
Sunday 26th May 2019
5pm until 7pm
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Join Modest Street, Nadim Al-Maktari, Ezza Zahoor, Uzair Shafique, Chifa K and Ahmed Rubani for an evening of inspirational talks and fun filled challenges as we raise money to provide lifesaving food packs to desperate families this Ramadan.

In this unique fundraiser you can communicate directly with the influencers and donate to the cause on the night. It'll be a 2 hour appeal with lots of information about the work Salam Charity is doing across the world.

There will be Ramadan tips and motivational talks, but most importantly it will be a live appeal to raise money to provide over 330 families with food to last an entire month.

The appeal will be taking place at

See who's taking part…

Modest Street

Nadim Al-Maktari

Ezza Zahoor

Uzair Shafique

Chifa K

Ahmad Rubani

The cause

Millions of people go hungry every night, not knowing when their next meal will come from. Salam Charity is on the ground providing lifesaving food packs to refugees and families across the world.

Yemen has been devastated by war and famine, there is still no end in sight for the Syria conflict and thousands of Rohingya continue to flee into the overcrowded camps. These people need our help more than ever as acute malnutrition continues to devastate lives.

By supporting Salam Charity this Ramadan, you can help hundreds of families with our Feel Good Food Appeal in Yemen, Palestine, Syria, Bangladesh and Pakistan providing all the essentials for a balanced diet to feed a family for an entire month.

Rameeza Q.
to Where most needed
Oklahoma City, United States

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In Good Hands

London (West)

Saturday 6th April 2019
12.00 � 6.00pm

Berrymede Junior School
232 Osbourne Rd
London W3 8SN

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