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Bread for Beqaa – our flagship bakery in Lebanon

A loaf of bread is a basic that’s easy to take for granted. But in Lebanon, it has become unaffordable for families whose lives have been devastated by poverty.

Lebanon is in nationwide economic crisis. In the last two years, the cost of essentials like food has quadrupled. So 50% of the total population now lives below the poverty line, and 3 in 10 families have reported that their children go to bed hungry.

How could we help?

A reliable source of food can offer security and, while we already deliver food parcels and hot meals to families in Lebanon, we wanted to set up something permanent in one of the hardest-hit communities.

With the help of our partners in Lebanon, we identified a location for our first flagship Bakery. It was opened in September 2021, during one of our Volunteering Abroad trips – right in the heart of Beqaa Valley.

Food security for 700 households

Bread – a nutritious and filling carbohydrate – is a staple of the Lebanese diet, but it has become unaffordable. Now the bakery is up and running, our Bread Factory distributes 700 packs of bread every day – absolutely free of charge.

We employ local young people to work in the factory, helping to reduce unemployment rates (a cause we’re already committed to: check out our TukTuk project). Alongside our other work in Lebanon, we aim to help to restore local economies, supporting sustainable and stable change.

And it all started with a loaf of bread.

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